A Fool for Love: Featuring Katy Miner & Jack Kreuzer

Premier Cabaret @ MusicalFare 4380 Main Street, Amherst, NY

We’ve all taken the risk of looking like a fool for love, for a dream, or for the adventure of being alive. But does love make one a fool, or do only fools fall in love? Or are you a fool if you do not fall in love? And what happens when you fall out


Buffalo Stories: The Life of Maryann Saccomando Freedman

Road Less Traveled Productions 456 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Stories 2023 will feature guest of honor, Maryann Saccomando Freedman, the first woman attorney to serve as President of the Bar Association of Erie County (1981-1982) and the New York State Bar Association (1987-1988). Freedman was a true trailblazer. When she graduated from law school in 1958, she was one of only three women